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What Is The Smart Cyclist?

Your Go-To Resource for All Things Safe Urban Cycling in Style!

Hi, all! My name is Claudia Gambrah-Lyles and I love riding my bike everywhere and anywhere! I am a doctor, a business casual bike commuter and a bike safety and inclusion advocate. 

I was introduced to urban cycling when I moved to Philadelphia in 2014 and haven’t looked back! Urban cycling is all about using your biking as a form of transportation; it’s transformative for so many reasons, and I want all people from all walks of life and abilities to feel empowered to give it a try!

There are a lot of things to learn and think about when it comes to using your bike as a form of transportation, and The Smart Cyclist is here to help you tackle those questions without comprising, well, anything! 

Whether you want to commute to work everyday or ride your bike every once in a while, I am here to provide you with the information you need to make biking a bigger part of your life! 

Whether that’s learning how to choose a bike, discovering how to wear everyday clothes while biking, or learning more about how biking can benefit you and the world around you, join me as I share useful, accessible, fashionable and (most importantly) smart, tips, tricks and info on urban cycling that will keep you looking good and feeling good, both on and off your bike!

Check out the Getting Started Guide for everything you need to know to begin your urban cycling journey!


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