Getting started with urban cycling and bike commuting is a bit of a process, but The Smart Cyclist is here to make that process as easy as possible! Whether you’re interested in quick trips to the store, exploring your neighborhood, or are ready to take on a bike commute to work (even more on that here), find all the posts you need to start bike commuting, all in one place!

In addition, each post includes helpful resources I have used over the years in my own urban cycling journey that are just too good not to share! Enjoy!

5 Essential Bike Accessories for Commuting

In my opinion, you need only 5 bike accessories for bike commuting success. Don’t break the bank on a variety of additions and features that you may or may not end up using. There will be plenty of time to get that stylish pannier pack or fancy bicycle bell!

How to Lock Your Bike: The Ultimate Guide

This guide not only walks you through the bike locking process, but also demystifies and explains some of the other considerations you must take (type of lock, location, etc.) – all in one place. 

The Smart Cyclist. A Black Woman with braids standing next to her bike. She is holding an orange helmet down by her side in her right hand with her right foot up against the wall.

Minimize Sweating on Your Bike Commute

The thought of arriving to a destination with sweat stains on your clothing is a huge turnoff that prevents many people from wanting to bike anywhere. But no fear, The Smart Cyclist is here to give you the information to combat sweat and arrive in style!


Bike Comfort Basics

As I am sure you can imagine, you probably won’t commit yourself to a bike commute if you’re not comfortable! Read on for some common bike complaints, and learn about adjustments you can make to to help troubleshoot those pesky aches and pains!

How to Get Comfortable Biking Around Cars

How to Get Comfortable Biking Around Cars

One of the top concerns I hear from potential bike commuters is the fear of riding too close to cars. However, with some time, practice, and the 5 easy tips below you will be feeling confident on your new bike commute in no time!

Bike Frame Materials – Explained!

Researching bike frame materials can leave your head spinning! But I’ve got your back! Read on to learn about the most common bike frame materials, their basic characteristics and what you should consider in order to choose the right bike for you!

Bike Maintenance Basics

Making sure your bike is appropriately maintained means an investment in a safer, more comfortable ride! However, bike maintenance can be an intimidating topic. Read on for The Smart Cyclist’s straightforward, easy-for-anyone-to-accomplish Guide to At-Home Bike Maintenance 101! 

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