5 Things to Know Before You Start Biking to Work

Should you start biking to work? If you’re asking yourself this question, the answer is probably yes! Biking to work has so many benefits!

Maybe you’re trying to save money, or you’ve been inspired by a cyclist you see every day on your commute. Maybe you’re just tired of sitting in traffic, or you’ve been burned one too many times by a late bus.

Whatever is driving you to consider biking to work, embrace it and give it a try! 

But before you do, drum-roll please…here is what you need to know.

1. Biking to Work Makes You Feel Amazing

Biking to work does wonders for your body, mind and soul! Literally, the exercise you are getting from biking to work (whether that’s a 10 minute ride or a 40 minute ride) has all kinds of cardiovascular and cognitive benefits –  reduced blood pressure, improved coordination, better mood, just to name a few. (If you really want to get into the details, read more here). 

But on top of all of the physiologic reasons, you will also feel amazing for reasons specific to you. Maybe you love multitasking and killing two birds with one stone is your jam. Perhaps you love the fact that you’re doing your part to help the environment. Maybe you just feel good for trying something new! Whatever the reasons, you will feel great! 

2. Budgeting is Important 

Although biking to work can ultimately save you money, getting started can be expensive!

Bikes are not an inexpensive commodity (even used), and if you have the option to go the bike rental or bike share route, you will still need funds for an annual or monthly membership. Furthermore, the cost of bike accessories can also add up! 

I would have at least $100-250 saved or available to fund your new mode of transportation. Furthermore, keep it as a line item in your regular budget for those unexpected bike-related expenses such as a flat tire or misaligned chain.

3. Preparation is Key

Preparing for biking to work is essential. For example, you will need to plan the route for your commute – you may be surprised to discover that biking to work is not as simple as plugging your destination into google maps and hopping on your wheels.

Other factors to plan for include accessories, clothing and even more. But no fear,  read the posts in the Getting Started Guide for all the information you need to get started successfully!

4. You CAN minimize sweating (yes, even in the summertime

Most people associate bike commuting with inevitable sweating and, honestly, B.O. No one wants to be THAT person, but not all of use have the resources, space or time to shower at work or pack a change of clothes everyday. 

Read my posts on tricks for minimizing sweat and bike-commute friendly fabrics for tips that will keep you smelling like daisies (or whatever you like smelling like!) with the least amount of effort.  

5. You Don’t Have to Bike to Work Everyday! 

There is no rule that says you have to bike to work everyday to be a bike commuter! Sometimes it’s raining, or it’s hot, or you’re just tired.  If you’re not feeling it, don’t bike! Just get to work via a different mode of transportation.

Whether you decide to bike to work every now and then, or sell your car and fully commit, as soon as you make that first ride you are officially a bike commuter!

The most important thing to know before you start biking to work: do whatever works for you! Check out the other posts in the Bike to Work Beginner’s Guide for more tips and information!

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